The 2019 Collection

Inspired by things around us
The 2019 Collection
Made using the finest material available & hand crafted keeping Safety, Comfort & Style in mind, This set from our latest collection is inspired by the vibrant colours of summer and is the perfect ensemble for your pet and your style needs.
The 2018 Collection
  • Dashing & Dapper  (Casual, Stylish & Chic)

    Whether easy going, relaxed, laid back or sporty, this range mirrors day to day trendy wear, colours and designs like Denims, T-Shirts, Casual Shirt Prints, etc. The latest trends make most of our products here. Perfect for your babies if you like them to wear something stylish, casual & comfortable. 

  • Off The Cuff (Bespoke, Swanky & Snazzy) 

    Want something snazzy? Then this line is the pick for you. Inspired by Suits, Gowns & Formal wear, products in this range add that little bit of extra spruce to your pooch! Whether he is out for a party or you want to add that extra swank in his day to day wear, this range is the one for you. 

  • Slick Flicks (Movie Inspired)

    Lights, Camera, Action! inspire this range. Add to that the Celebrity swag and that makes for a great buy for any Hollywood or Bollywood Fan! Whether it’s super heroes or the latest movie craze, apparels in this range are a must addition to your pet's wardrobe ......................

  • The Wild Life (Flora & Fauna)

    Like the name suggests, Flowers, Trees, Plant Life, Animals & Geographical Terrain is the inspiration for this category. These are perfect for your four legged family members if you want them to wear something which encompasses the spirit of Mother Earth! 

For queries on our products or to personalise them for your furry friends drop us a line on 9619601144  or mail us on or click here

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